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Welcome to Stage Theatre Society. Here you will find information about our group including up and coming productions, auditioning to join us, member information and the like.

Dear Member,


As mentioned previously, the health and safety of all of our 'STS family' members is of the utmost importance to us here at STS. In light of recent developments and the latest advice regarding safeguarding surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken the unprecedented and saddening decision to suspend our rehearsals for the foreseeable future and will not be commencing with our production of 'Oliver!' on the 29th of March as previously stated.


Our latest contingency plan is as follows;

  • We urge all cast to install the RehearScore app onto their smart device and be practising the songs - knowing your lyrics will be of a huge advantage to us all when we are able to begin our rehearsals. A link and all login details are supplied once again at the bottom of this email. 

  • Please download the PDF version of the script which will be uploaded to our website so you can learn your lines.

  • And please keep your eyes peeled to the STS Parents and Members page on Facebook with regards to video tutorials of the choreography for some of our key musical numbers. Again, for those of you that have not joined the group, please see the links below. 

We have also been in talks with the Rainham School for Girls and have an agreement set in place that as soon as we receive notification that it is safe to begin rehearsals, we will start the very next Sunday. We have also agreed that we can extend rehearsals on a Sunday in a bid to make up for any lost time once we are able to get back into the rehearsal room.


At this stage, we are not even considering cancelling the show, so please rest assured on that.  And as disappointing as this is for us, we do have to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are as a company - we're not treading the boards with our production until the very end of July.  I know of many organisations that have had to cancel their productions, and many of our past members who have gone on to perform and work in this industry professionally who are experiencing severe disruptions to their livelihood; our best wishes are with all of those affected.


We know we have an exceptionally talented and committed cast, and I cannot wait to get working with you all on 'Oliver!' properly. Your commitment has never let me down yet, and I know that once we can, we will come back with a vengeance and produce the best production STS has every produced.  


But for now, we wait, and we stay healthy.


Many thanks,




Richard Hillier

Co-Founder / Director


Links to RehearScore  


Username "stagetheatresoc"

Password "70524757".


Link to STS Parents and Members Group 

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